Institute for Climate Change Studies propose to be brought under the ambit of ISO 9001 Certification. Kerala state Climate Change Knowledge Cell is also associating the process. Quality improvement measures in all areas of activities of ICCS have been established. By getting ISO 9001 Certification, the activities of the ICCS have to rearranged in such a manner so as to provide quality ensured services to all stakeholders.

Quality objectives of ICCS for 2017 -18

  1. To prepare six new R&D Projects on state specific contribution to climate change and its impacts
  2. To execute 10 ongoing R&D Projects funded by the state and central governments
  3. To operationalize the interactive web portal which provides climate change information to the pubic
  4. To publish 10 books on various sectors like water, agriculture, fisheries, energy, and tourism in relation to climate change impacts in the state
  5. To conduct 20 training programs on topics related to climate change adaptation across the state for various stakeholders
  6. To conduct 18 state level seminars/workshops, and one national level workshop on climate change
  7. To appoint the scientific/technical and administrative staff already approved by the Government
  8. To obtain the approval from the Government for the ICCS Rules which is being framed
  9. To find an appropriate land and start construction of permanent building and other facilities for effective functioning of ICCS


Quality Policy of Institute for Climate Change Studies

We are committed to carry out Research and Development activities on state specific contribution to global climate change and impacts of climate change on various sectors in Kerala, formulate appropriate actions for adaptation and mitigation, disseminate the knowledge and facilitate the implementation of action plans with the participation of all concerned, while striving to become a world class research institute through continual improvement.